Jamon Ludwar


Jamon brings 25 years experience specific to the energy industry. His specialties include business development, operational and technical acumen, as well as corporate management.

Matthew LeBlanc

VP of Operations

To date, Matt has spent over 20 years in managed pressure drilling and well testing. He has extensive experience with planning and execution of all types of MPD operations. Matt has successfully managed projects across North America, in both the US and Canada.

Terry Clark

Op. Manager

Terry has 20+ years experience domestically and internationally in under balanced drilling, managed pressure drilling, frac recovery and completion operations. Terry oversees the development of operating procedures and project execution from start to finish.

Jonathan Quade

Field Superintendent

Jonathan is a managed pressure drilling specialist with experience in various plays throughout North America. Jonathan brings 14 years experience in the energy sector and he is an integral part of planning and execution of Alpine’s MPD operations.

Our Vision

To service with the highest standards of professionalism, quality and competency with a strong commitment to health, safety and the environment, bringing together experience and innovation.

Alpine Energy Services


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